Thursday, March 21, 2013

Recipe Redux: Spearmint Green Drink

This month's Recipe Redux's theme is fun!  It is "Green with Herb Envy".  We are to use a green herb in a non-traditional way.  Since I have gotten into making myself a green drink/smoothie most days of the week for the past three months, I thought...hey, why not add some spearmint into my green drink.  Now before I go on, I am NOT, NOT, NOT one of those that advocates for ONLY juicing diets or ONLY blended fruits and vegetable diets. I have added a blended green drink to my nutrition intake to add variety and a fun way of taking in fruits and vegetables, but NOT to replace eating fruits and vegetables in its natural form.

So, there are a ton of recipes out there for making "green drinks/smoothies" and basically, you don't need a recipe.  You just throw in whatever fruits and vegetables your heart desires. However, when I added a handful of spearmint leaves to my usual "mix", it sure added a nice different dimension to my already delicious green drink! Therefore, I present my non-recipe Spearmint Green Drink

Have your blender ready to go.  I love using my decade old Vitamix.  This is what I added:

I cut up and cored an apple, unpeeled a banana and threw threw them into the Vitamix.

From Trader Joe's, I used the ready to go kale and threw in a handful of it in the blender.  Maybe it was about 1 cup or so.

Then I threw in some frozen mixed berries.

I added a couple tablespoons of the powdered green drink mix from Trader Joe's and about a cup of almond milk.

Last but not least, I threw in the spearmint leaves, which maybe might have been about 2 tablespoons or so.

I turned the Vitamix on high until a smooth texture was achieved.

After pouring the drink into a glass, I topped it off with a couple spearmint leaves.  

This turned out to be so cool and refreshing to the palate.  If you ever try this non-recipe one day, I hope you enjoy it!

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What is your favorite smoothie drink that you make at home?
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