Thursday, May 16, 2013

Nutrition Bit: Oatmeal by Robert Esparza, Dietetic Student

Most days of the week, oatmeal is an important part of my breakfast meals. Let's revisit the goodness of oatmeal and be reminded why it is good for us. Here, one of my dietetic students, Robert Esparza, shares with us some nutrition bits about oatmeal.

Robert Esparza will be graduating with his MS in nutrition and dietetics a month from now.  Loma Linda University will be soon proud to call him an alumnus.  Robert has been an outstanding student with great work ethic and will make a wonderful contribution to the world of nutrition.

Enjoy the goodness of oatmeal and make it a part of your healthy lifestyle!

If you are interested in becoming a registered dietitian, please visit Loma Linda University's website.

What is your favorite morning cereal and why?

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