Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Those Little White Seeds

Amazing how such tiny little seeds can provide a powerhouse of nutrients. Sesame seeds grow vastly in India, Burma, and China. They have emerged onto our plates as either a condiment, spice, or oil.

There is a good amount of nutrition in just one once of sesame seeds. One ounce of sesame seeds provides five grams of protein. This is a good amount; however, this does not provide all essential amino acids. Another nutrient found in an ounce of sesame seeds is that you can find 277 mg of calcium and almost four grams of fiber. Last, but certainly not least, sesame seeds do provide monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, which does contain some omega three fatty acids and a good amount of omega six fatty acids. 

My favorite way to enjoy sesame seeds are slightly toasting them in the oven and then adding them to fresh green salads. Making my own tahini sauce is another way I enjoy these seeds.  Sesame seeds can most certainly be added to any cooked vegetable dishes as well. Sesame seeds can also be used in casseroles to give a nice, top crunchy layer.  Be creative and see what other ways you can incorporate sesame seeds into your meals.

What is your favorite dish to add sesame seeds to?

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