Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Product Review: The Better Chip

One of my biggest weaknesses in life is that I absolutely love chips!  If I were stranded on an island that had no other food but chips and salsa...then I could live perfectly fine.  However, I personally have been doing my best to eat chips more mindfully moderate.  Not only am I watching how much I eat of it, but I am now even more serious about purchasing chips that are at 140 mg of sodium or less per serving. This to me is an indicator that the chips I'm buying are low in sodium.  I am on a hunt for chips that are low in sodium, but still imparting excellent flavor and pleasure!

"The Better Chip" has a line of tortilla chips.  The varieties they carry are sweet onion, jalapeno, red pepper, and fresh corn.  The red pepper and fresh corn varieties are low in sodium and delicious. The other two varieties, which are  jalepeno and sweet onion are at 150 and 160 mg of sodium per serving of chips respectively. That is still really good and just slightly high in sodium. 

Those who like jalepenos will like the jalepeno variety very much, because it is hot. My favorite was the fresh corn variety, due to its subtle flavor. The sweet onion variety was too salty tasting for my taste buds. The whole line is really good. Just know that the chips are somewhat thick in texture. I personally like thin chips, but I can get use to these the more I eat them.

Each serving of chips does provide at least two grams of fiber, while also providing more of the good kind of fat, which is the heart healthy fat called monounsaturated fat.The makers claim that the chips are made of 40% veggies.

So for variety sake, if you're wanting to try a new tortilla chip out there, why not give "The Better Chip" a try.  Except for now, us Californians are not fortunate to have them here yet.  Hopefully they will be available to us in the future.  However, for those living in the 13 states they are sold at, you'll be able to enjoy them. Take a look at their website to see if you live in one of the lucky 13 states. You can purchase them online. Please click here.

Disclaimer: The Better Chip company provided me with free samples and products; however, all opinions are my own.

Have you already tried "The Better Chip"? And if so, what are your thoughts?

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