Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Product Review: Quorn Cheese Burgers

Just like some people have an intolerance to lactose and gluten, I have an intolerance to soy.  I prefer to eat vegetarian as often as I can, so whenever I can find a veggie meat product that is not made from soy, I get really, REALLY excited. I am one who needs variety in my meals and relying on just beans, legumes, quinoa, and nuts won't cut it for me to get my protein.  I like to have something "meaty" every now and then, so I am thankful Quorn came out with a good veggie meat patty.

Quorn primarily relies on mycoprotein, an edible fungus, for its protein source in its veggie food products.  However, beware, because people can also be intolerant to this edible fungus. People are just so different as to how they react to certain element in foods.  Now at one point, I had tried another Quorn product a couple times and had an allergic reaction. Years later, I am trying this new product from their line that caught my eye.  I braved it!  I was hoping I wouldn't react to it...and I am very, very thankful I tolerate it absolutely fine.  

This veggie patty is, of course, made of the mycoprotein and this time, they also added a wheat protein source.  The patty tastes delicious...really, really close to the soy patty taste that I love!!! There are 100 calories per serving or patty, with 11 grams of protein, and 3 grams of fiber. This is quite impressive. However, just like any other processed food product, it is on the high side of sodium.  So again, this is a good product to have in moderation.

Before you try any Quorn product for the first time, just try a little bit of it and wait to see how you react to it. Remember every person has different reactions to different elements in food. You may or may not be intolerant to mycoprotein. You might just be able to tolerate it just fine, but just double check to see.

Have you had any Quorn products?  What was your experience with them?

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