Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Added Sugar, Artificial Sweeteners, and Natural Sweeteners

We are definitely bombarded with information regarding the consequences of consuming excessive added sugars. We can't fight what is reported. There is truth to what has been said. Then we read about natural sweeteners and artificial sweeteners. There is reason to be concerned about intake of artificial sweeteners. However, reading about all that can be confusing and can drive a person up the wall.

Instead of living life around making sure you get your sweet-tasting fix from added sugars, natural, and artificial sweeteners, it may just be a better idea to train our taste buds to enjoy the authentic sweetness that comes from eating fruits on a regular basis. From birth, our taste buds are a clean slate. Then we trained it as we have matured and grown to either love more sweet foods or salty foods. So, why don't we train our taste buds to yearn for the sweetness in fruits, and just get use to eating less added sugar desserts and drinks. Who needs artificially or naturally sweeteners anyway? Seriously now, we don't need those "sweeteners" to exist or enjoy life. No deprivation required, just consume less of the real deal and up the fruit intake. Our taste buds do adjust to less added sugar or artificially-sweetened intake. 

Training our taste buds to enjoy less highly sweetened foods and beverages doesn't happen over night though. There is an adjustment period. This may vary from individual to individual. One person may easily adjust from a weeks, while another individual may adjust to less sweet indulgences for months. While the adjustment period may vary, the end result will still be achieved. The adjustment period may not be easy at times, but it can be done bringing desirable outcomes.

Part of life's enjoyment is delighting in a sugary, decadent dessert once in a while. Go ahead and enjoy it when you do. Just don't let life be centered on satisfying that sweet tooth at a heightened level every day. Anything in excess has consequences. Allow your taste buds to adjust. Consume less added sugars, enjoy the natural goodness of fruits, and reap consequences that are absolutely good for that body of yours.

As a treat once in a while, I absolutely enjoy and love ice cream sandwiches. What is your once in a while favorite dessert that you enjoy?

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