Monday, June 4, 2012

San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon 2012

To be completely honest, I had lost my motivation for the second full marathon I had signed up for. I really think it was due to being unable to maintain the long run mileage training due to unexpected interruptions. When I trained for my first full last year, I had no detours...I was able to stay right on track.  However, such is life with an unexpected death of a relative, death of a friend's father, my boss sending me to Slovakia to teach, and other situations that are all part of life...oh, and I forgot to mention that I'm also a doctoral candidate working relentlessly on my dissertation. Regardless, I still did the best I could when it came to training.

I did two major things to get me back on track as far as motivation was concerned. I expressed my decreased motivation to my students who are runners.  Boy oh boy...I sure got a really, really good pep talk from the two of them. Thank you, Aletta and Holly!! Their pep talk was just what I needed. They helped put me back in my place. The second thing I did, which I've never done ever was that I actually bought a new outfit to run in for the San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon. For some reason, this also worked in shooting up my motivation.;-) I decided to run this time in a skort.

On top of everything else, I got sick when I arrived back from Slovakia and since then I've had this lingering cough which was really wearing me out. However, I still trained through not feeling good and my cough and was really stubborn about that. I'm really thankful I did though! 

I started to get that excited feeling for the marathon back a week before the race. By the Friday before the run, I was fully back into motivation and excitement!

Being silly at the expo.
I am thankful I planned the logistics much better of where we were going to stay at this time. It is not easy to get to the start line for this marathon as I found out the year before. This time my careful planning paid off and made for an absolutely stress-free morning before starting the event.

Before the race at around 5:30 a.m. waiting for  things to get rockin' and rollin'!

The weather this year was perfect...cloudy and cool!  Oh yes! It was sunny and warm the year before and made for just an okay run. I loved every mile of the 26.2 course! I don't run for time (I can't! I'm naturally slow!), but I just run to enjoy the experience and finish! 

There were about 30,000 runners who were all participating to help support raising funds for leukemia and lymphoma. Not only were the runners important for this event, but the community of San Diego truly gave their unselfish support in making us be comfortable during the race. Thank you so much to all who volunteered for this event. They really helped us feel loved and cared for, which made the entire race so enjoyable and memorable.

The San Diego Rock and Roll marathon route is for the most part flat. Running through downtown San Diego is fun! I also like the part of going on freeway 163. It's uneven in certain areas, but it doesn't last long. I think it's absolutely cool to have the privilege of running on a freeway.:) Then running along Mission Bay is very soothing where we can see the water. There is not much running uphill.  In fact, this second time around, I didn't really notice running uphill anymore. However, the entire route is absolutely enjoyable and lovely.

I started out running with a friend of mine for the first  6 or 7 miles. I was excited to be running with her, then out of the blue, she said she was in pain and didn't feel good. We walked and stopped for a little bit until she was able to call her husband to pick her up. Once we knew her husband was coming, my friend told me to just go. (My friend went to urgent care immediately and found out she has plantar fasciitis and will be getting an MRI. I'm wishing speedy recovery for her.) So, I continued the rest of the race without her. At the same time, I was thinking about my other friend who came down to the race with me as she was doing the half marathon. I was hoping she was enjoying her race. They separated the half marathoners from us at around the third or fourth mile I believe.

Getting on mile 10 or so and was feeling so happy that day!:)
Despite all the detours I came across training for this marathon and getting sick and running with a cough, I was pleasantly surprised that I actually shaved off 26 minutes from my first marathon! I wasn't even pushing it.  I was just telling myself the whole time that I was doing this for my enjoyment and to bask in every step, which I definitely did! All I wanted to do was happily finish. My friend also improved her half marathon time from her first half. So, we both were definitely happy little campers...oops I mean, happy li'l runners.

My friend, Danelle, and I were both so happy to finish!
Once again, my nutrition regimen throughout the event was to take a small strip of peanut butter and jelly sandwich at every third mile up until mile 24. In between I had a chew or a chomp in my mouth. I took advantage of the water and gatorade at every aid station.

I'm thankful I didn't give in to my lost motivation. I'm thankful it came back and very grateful to have participated in such a wonderful event. I got emotional once again at mile 25...just overwhelmed with the fact that God helped me for the second time complete another full marathon. I was thinking about the verse Philippians 4:13 as I was running..."I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me". He definitely did!

Are you signed up for any upcoming running events?  Or have you recently participated in one? Would love to hear your story!

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