Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Thinking About Slowly Going Meatless?

Without a doubt, eating right is a very important component of taking care of yourself to help keep diseases at bay.  Some of you may even want to start learning towards a vegetarian or meatless manner of eating. The good news is this...the time to start is right now. No need to wait. No need to wait for Monday to roll around to eat meatless. Start today or tomorrow.  No need to wait for January 1 to roll around in order to start eating more plant based.

Certainly for some people, if just practicing one day a week of eating meatless is where you want to start for a few weeks or even a few months, then choose the day of the week that you would want to celebrate that meatless day on a regular basis.  Or guess what?  Why not rotate the days of the week for that one day of the week to go meatless.  Make this decision more tailored made for you.  Don't go with a fad.  The more you make this decision to go meatless on your own reasonable terms, this will enable you to create a more solid foundation to work off of.  When this solid foundation is established, you will then be able to move on and make other permanent healthy changes. However, if going meatless one day a week to start off with works best for you on a Monday and it's easier for you to remember, then by all means...go for it! The bottom line is this, don't put off making small changes to contribute to the healthier 2013 you!

What new healthy nutrition habit to do you want to adopt for the upcoming new year?

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