Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Not a Fan of the Word "Superfood"

Image courtesy of worradmu @ FreeDigitalPhotos.net
There are so many articles calling certain food items "superfoods". If any of those foods were truly "super", then really...that particular food item should completely prevent...heal...or even cure...medical conditions.The reality is that when any one food item is featured in the "super" light, it is because it is rich in two or three nutrients..not all vitamins, minerals, macronutrients, and phytonutrients known to man all in one package.

When articles call certain items "superfood", this can lead some individuals to think that he or she should eat that particular food item every day or at least in most of their meals to reap the benefits of that particular food item. This can drive someone to limit their intake of eating a variety of vegetables, fruits, grains, and beans. Limiting food intake to the same food choices day in and day out will keep many from gaining the benefits other food items have to offer.

The key is to venture out on a daily basis when it comes to choosing food for your meals. Eating different food items from day to day...or at least from week to week...can certainly add "spice" to your life and keep your health in check.

For the fun of it, what has been your favorite "superfood"?

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