Thursday, September 19, 2013

Backpacking Trip

Without a doubt, I love the great outdoors! Needless to say, camping is definitely fun and enjoyable, but what's even better than camping is backpacking!!  Backpacking takes you to places where the scenery is just absolutely gorgeous and the lakes are pristine and clean.
Our awesome group!

Early this month, we hiked up in Kings Canyon National Park. Our trip consisted of a 3 night stay up in the beautiful mountains. We started from Onion Valley in which the elevation was already about 9,200 feet. Then we hiked up, with some switchbacks, to Kearsarge Pass in which we immediately gained 2,560 feet of elevation and ended up at 11,760 feet. Yep, this was a difficult hike needless to say! From Kearsarge Pass, we proceeded to hike a few more miles to beautiful Charlotte Lake where we stayed a couple nights. The lake itself was peaceful with majestic mountains all around. The awesomeness of God was everywhere!

Bullfrog Lake
We then made our way to Bullfrog Lake where the guys continued to fish.  Several different types of trout were caught. Then we decided to spend our last night at Kearsarge Lake where the scenery there was different, but gorgeous and amazing in its own way.

Kearsarge Lake

Since we had to bring enough food for our 3 1/2 day trip, I am absolutely thankful for the different companies that make freeze-dried food! Freeze-dried food makes any backpacking trip delightful! I enjoyed the lasagna with meat sauce, fettucini with alfredo sauce, teriyaki chicken with rice, mashed potatoes, corn, and huevos rancheros. They were also delicious and repleted us well from all of our hikes. Thank you freeze-dried food companies!!

Just like any endurance sport, hiking up switchbacks is one major endurance activity. Hikes of this caliber also require the right nutrition and hydration plan in order to feel good, have energy, and have good blood sugar levels to keep everyone in good spirits!

Our backpacking trip was a great way to end the summer by being in the midst of God's beautiful creations!

What is your favorite freeze-dried food?

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