Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Nutrition Bit by Brittany Johnson, RD

In the fall, I teach a course called "Capstone Nutrition and Dietetics". It is a course in which the students gather all they have learned over the time they have been with us and produce four projects. One of those projects is to tape a brief nutrition infomercial called "Nutrition Bits".  The students write their own scripts, while I tweak and make any necessary adjustments.

Our students in the bachelor and master of science degree in nutrition and dietetics program have the option of taking their Registered Dietitian exam prior to their last year with us. One of those brave students was Brittany Johnson who took the plunge.  Towards the end of last summer, Brittany successfully became a registered dietitian. Brittany is one of our amazing students who shows great leadership and communication skills. Having zest for life herself  and helping others live healthy lives are two of Brittany's many passions. Take a look at her "Nutrition Bit" down below.

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