Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A Good Nutritious Mistake

I decided that today was going to be a day in which I would have to buy lunch.  My plan was to get a chipotle veggie burger at the student pavillion and then take my lunch over to the tables in front of the Loma Linda market to join my student and colleague.  After waiting a good fifteen minutes in line for my veggie burger to be made, I was happy to be on my way to eat lunch with the gals.

Lo and behold, for some strange reason, I dropped my beautiful, amazing smelling veggie burger!  Ughh!  I had waited a while for the sandwich to be made only to lose it completely to the ground.  I continued to walk on over to the ladies.  I informed them of my veggie burger demise and said I would get something else at the Patio Pantry beside the market.

Avocados from my tree.
By this time, my blood sugars had plummeted some more and I was sad to "lose" my veggie burger.  As I ordered my sandwich, I was sure I asked for an "egg salad sandwich" on wheat bread.  The guy started making my sandwich with wheat bread and then continued to smother on a thick layer of avocado on both pieces of bread. Although I do like avocados, I'm not crazy about it.  At this point, I was too tired to say anything, but thought maybe they are now grotesquely adding avocado to the egg salad sandwich.  I then found out he was making an avocado sandwich instead of an egg salad sandwich.  Since I was too distraught now to say anything, I went along with the sandwich and paid for it.

I joined my friends at the table shaded nicely by a big tree.  Much to surprise, this sandwich turned out to be way, way better than what I had pictured for the day.  He also put red onions, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and a light layer of mayonnaise.  Of course, he placed a couple slices of cheese.  The mistaken sandwich turned out to be so delicious and wonderful!  The sandwich also came with carrot sticks and orange slices.  Wish I had gone there first.  Anyway, I never thought an avocado sandwich would be so delicious and delightful even though I already how nutritious it would be! The next time someone makes you a different sandwich than what you ordered, go along with the flow.  You might just be surprised.

What great tasting sandwich have you had lately?


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