Monday, January 30, 2012

Where Are You Laying Up Your Treasures?

I never imagined that getting finished medals for completing the little sprint triathlons or even the half marathons and full marathon I have done can be really, really...I mean really NICE to receive. Of course my main and foremost reasons for biking, swimming, and running is to be healthy and to have fun and feel good doing these activities. However, the added bonus of receiving a "finished medal" even without placing solidifies and completes the feeling of accomplishment...something I had never planned for...meaning that sense of accomplishment. It comes along with the territory. So yes, that was a nice surprise when this all started. You do experience a momentary high. Well, but paying for that registration fee is like actually paying for your own medal. Oh well, let's just not think that way. The bottom line is that it is nice to receive these "rewards". At times the feeling can be addicting and you're thinking about the next race you can enter right at the moment you just finished one while the medal is being placed around your neck or just plain handed to you.

Yesterday, my running buddy, Naara, and I participated in the inaugural Tinkerbell Half Marathon at Disneyland. Receiving the "finished medal" was somewhat shocking due to its ginormous size. It is even way bigger than our San Diego Rock 'n Roll full marathon finished medal. Mercy! certainly was wonderful to receive even though I felt like I should have run another 13.1 miles in order to feel like I really deserved it.

These "finished medals" are displaying nicely on a bulletin board in my office, but now what? They're just sitting there doing nothing. They're certainly not doing anything now for me, except that they're "cool" for me to look at. If these race events never gave out finished medals or cool long-sleeve t-shirts, would I still be as interested in paying all that money to join them? Because I am one that does not trot along on a fast pace, I know I would never ever in this life-time place first, second, third, or even in the top ten. I'm just happy to finish. Maybe I would enter if I knew that 100% of the registration fees went completely to the charities the various races raise money for.

Exercise is definitely important for good health, feeling good, and de-stressing. I just need to do a self check that I am not participating in these events for the little blings we get at the end. There certainly is nothing wrong with theses rewards, but it shouldn't be my focus for doing these events. I'm having to remind myself about the message found in Matthew 6:20 which says, "but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal". The little treasures down here on earth do not last long or give lasting joy. However, the time we spend in talking to God and reading His word is a great investment in our relationship with Him. I want to lay my treasures in Heaven where I will get to be with my Lord and Savior all the time, where good-byes will never have to be said, and where we will enjoy life eternally with no worries. I'm looking forward to Heaven. I can't wait. I wish it can be sooner. Let's continue to lay up in treasures in Heaven and I'll look forward to seeing you there too!

What would you like to do when we all get to Heaven?

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