Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Henry & a Farmer's Market in Vienna

I arrived a week ago from a wonderful and memorable trip to Slovakia and Austria. I had the privilege of accompanying a current dietetic student and a former dietetic student (now a colleague) as they taught the lay people of Slovakia and Serbia on nutrition and how to counsel others. However, the three of us gals had a memorable time together on our trip.

One of the highlights of our trip to Eastern Europe was when we stopped at a splendid little market in downtown Vienna called Henry, the art of living.  Visit their website at If you love food and you love nutritious, good-for-you food...this is the kind of store you would enjoy walking through. Their fruits and vegetables were truly amazing to feast your eyes on.  I did get to enjoy some sweet plums that they sold there.  Here are some of the pics from this delightful Viennese market.
Then we also got to see a farmer's market of sorts in another beautiful Austrian town called Salzburg. Does Salzburg sound familiar? I'm sure "Sound of Music" rings a bell when you hear Salzburg.:)
Of course, I also got to enjoy there the infamous Sacher Torte in Vienna as well as this other decadent dessert which name I cannot remember.  However, my Sacher Torte picture doesn't look good so I'm not posting it, but here's a picture of the other dessert I ate, which I had a scrumptious toffee topping on top! Delicious!

If you ever get a chance to visit Austria, I certainly would highly recommend it. The beauty of this country is spectacular. The culture, architecture, natural surroundings, and kindness of the people truly make this place a wonderful to visit.

What are your favorite European countries that you have visited or would like to visit one day?

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