Thursday, September 20, 2012

Biking at Snow Summit

Now I know the name of my blog is "God, Food, Run" me, I definitely am still running.  In fact, I'm training for a half marathon in November. However, I also LOVE mountain biking, so this is another mountain biking post. It's so interesting, the more I run...the better my mountain biking gets. The more I mountain bike, the better my running gets. I sure can't complain about that!

Big Bear Lake right behind me.
Is there a bird, Tom?
Last Sunday, we decided to go ride up in Big Bear again. However, we decided last minute as we were almost there to actually ride at Snow Summit.  Snow Summit is a wonderful place to ski at, but it is awesome for mountain biking. You have the option of taking the ski lifts and loading up your bike. This of course requires some $$$.  We decided to skip the lifts this time and to ride up ourselves.

I'm so glad we did! The uphill made for a great work-out. We rode on trail 2N10, which was for the most part a fire road. It did get steeper as we got closer to the ski lift. Once we got to the top, we ate our PB and J sandwiches at the tables right next to the lodge. Our view there was beautiful! For our descent, we chose a single track called Pirates trail. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. That was a gnarly trail, very technical, and way too rocky, but still so fun despite it being extremely challenging. The "loop" we made that day was not too long, but it sure was enjoyable, fun, and exhilarating!!  This is one of the perks of living in SoCal...just an hour drive to a fantastic place to mountain bike at!

Where is your favorite place to go mountain biking at?


Bike Parts Solutions said...

There are other great places to bike! But yes, Snow Summit is one of the finest ones too! Readers will surely be inspired to pedal their way to their favourite trails! Thank you for sharing your experience!

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Thank you so much, Mountain Biking Blog...will do!:)

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