Thursday, September 20, 2012

Women of Faith 2012 Week-end

It has been several years since I had attended Women of Faith. I had gone for a number of years in a row. I attended this year's Women of Faith last week-end at the Honda Center in Anaheim. Once again, it was great to attend another Women of Faith conference in which women of God truly inspired and encouraged all who attended in their walk with God.

Before going to this year's meetings, I was a little concerned that the original speakers were not all going to be in attendance delivering their inspiring stories.  I thought, oh people??!!! Now Sheila Walsh was still there on the list, so that was a relief.  However, once I was there, I thought...why did I ever think the thought that I did with new, unfamiliar faces?  The new speakers definitely brought sincere encouragement that was very much equal to the previous loved Women of Faith speakers from the past.  It was wonderful to see the love of Christ shine forth from the words they spoke. Their testimonies were worth listening to, because Christ was brought right to the forefront!  Other speakers that I had really enjoyed that week-end were Pat Smith (wife of Emmit Smith) and Angie Smith (wife of Todd Smith from Selah).

Wonderful praise music!
The week-end conference for women was also rounded out with absolutely beautiful music from the  award winning group Selah and from the gorgeous CeCe Winans. Attendees, as usual, also got to participate in worship and song by singing along with the talented Women of Faith praise team.  Whether you listened to music there or participated in singing along, you definitely felt the sense of worshiping God through song.

In order to save money there, we brought along our own healthy snacks and lunch. The food stands there at Honda Center are expensive, not that great tasting, and not as nutritious as we would like it to be.  We were given adequate breaks to go out to our cars and enjoy nourishing ourselves.

It's always so memorable attending "Women of Faith" with friends!
If you haven't had a chance to experience Women of Faith, and of course if you are a female, I would encourage you to do so.  It's a wonderful time for women to bond together and to celebrate Jesus!:)

Have you ever attended Women of Faith, what was your most memorable experience there?

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