Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My Favorite Dark Green Leafy Vegetable

Puerto Galera Beach in the Philippines
I had such a delicious dinner tonight that once again, I have forgotten to take a picture of what I am planning to write about...sweet potato tops. I'm thankful for my Filipino heritage. I was born here in California; however, I am very grateful for the love instilled to me by my parents for ethnic dishes of the Philippines

One dish that I love is the sweet potato tops salad.  Yes, indeed, this is what I had for dinner tonight. The dark green leaves that grow with sweet potatoes are packed with nutrition. These dark leafy vegetables contain polyphenols and potassium. The Filipino name for this dark green leafy vegetable is camote tops or talbos ng camote.  So, this sweet potato tops salad contains the  steamed leaves themselves, chopped tomatoes, and chopped onions with a touch of salt. The flavor of this sweet potato top salad is absolutely wonderful! 

The sweet potato top leaves or camote tops can be bought at Filipino or Asian markets. Once again, my apologies for not posting a picture; however, if you go on Google images and type in the name camote tops, you will see numerous pictures of these delightful leafy greens.

When it comes to eating well, don't just stick with the "usual". Venture out and try other vegetables that are not familiar to you. You will be surprised to find out you may have a new favorite veggie or two.

What new vegetable have you discovered and liked recently?

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