Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Bottom Line...Make it Do

It was almost 6:00 earlier this evening and the weather cooled to a perfect temperature. I was getting excited that my mountain bike ride and running hill repeats afterwards was going to be so enjoyable in this cooler temp!  After putting my front tire on my bike and pumping up the tires, I proceeded to put on my helmet and gloves.  Last, but not least, I was about to switch to my mountain biking shoes...or so I thought.

Oh my heart sank when I realized I only brought my left shoe!!  I have clipless pedals, so I need my special cleats underneath my shoes.  I have no idea, in this whole wide world, why I was so absent-minded and only packed one shoe.  I thought...well, I should just only run then...but, no...I was really looking forward to riding too...I don't want to leave here disappointed...I better make this ride happen somehow some way my brain commanded!  I also thought...just like Nike says..."Just do it!".  I had also taken a picture and sent it to Tom of my shoes.  He replied with a text saying "Make it do or do without". 

Ever since I switched to clipless pedals, there instantaneously was no turning back!  It definitely makes me feel one with the bike with greater "power".:)  Not being connected to my pedals has been a foreign thought and feeling now.  However, I proceeded to ride with one mountain biking shoe and one running shoe.  If anyone was going to laugh or stare, I was going to not care one bit.

I'm so glad I went on with my wonderful ride looking "unique" at my feet.  If anyone noticed, maybe they thought I'm trying to start a new be it.  So, on the days you plan your work-out and you haven't brought all you need, just proceed...make it do or do without.  The workout/exercise can still happen somehow or some way.  Well, let me take that exception.  If you forget your helmet, don't ride...and just run.  Never ever ride without a helmet.  However, back to my "message" here, nothing should stop you when you have plans to exercise regardless the situation.  Bottom line...Make it Do!

What situation have you found yourself in which you didn't have all you need for your exercise and what did you do?


Deb @nutritioneclinic said...

The main thing I find I don't have when it comes to exercise is time... but I do try. It usually involves going to a walk or run or bike ride with the kids

JeJe Noval, R.D. said...

Hi Deb,
The main thing that you try...and every moment you get out there counts! I love how the kids are always involved with you in your exercise, because they'll grow up knowing it's an important part of life.:)
Best regards,