Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Creation Week on LLBN

Every now and then, I get requested to sing on Loma Linda Broadcasting Network (LLBN). This is a Seventh-Day-Adventist Christian television network airing Christian programs that encourages the heart and soul. Sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ through word and music is the mission of this station. This is why I love singing on their station.

Last month, I had the privilege of singing during their Creation Week special. This was a week-long special focusing on each day of creation. The night that I sang on this special was when they also had a rattlesnake as a guest. The rattlesnake is housed at the Loma Linda University School of Science and Technology. The red diamond rattlesnake was brought in by one of the current doctoral students in the program. Other creatures created by God were also featured. Therefore, that evening was focusing on God's creatures that He made. The rattlesnake was so behaved that night. He fell on the table once, but the doctoral student suavely picked him up and placed him on the table again. I was shocked at myself for thinking this rattlesnake looked so beautiful up close. It really was!

I never cease to be amazed at how many items, things, people, and creatures God created. There is no doubt in my mind that God created us. When you take an anatomy and physiology course, you can't help but be amazed and think that the organization of our body structure did not happen by chance. There was obviously a designer. When you study astronomy and look at the sun, you can't help but think that there was a God that put them in their place. When you study music, you can't help but think that there was a composer behind all the numerous variations of chords and cadences. When I look at my cats, I thank God for the beautiful animals He has created for us to enjoy.

This particular week on LLBN coincided when I re-read the beginning of Genesis. Reading Genesis chapters one and two never gets old. I am always very intrigued when I read about how God thought things out in an orderly fashion. He carefully thought through what should be created first and what should be created last. Although sin has brought in a lot of negativity into this world, the love of God still shows through His creations. There is still so much beauty all around through nature, animals, and people. I can't wait till we get to Heaven when we get to see our Creator face to face and everything will be restored to the perfection He set this world out to be in the first place. I am looking forward to Christ's return!

In what or where do you see the beauty of God as a Creator?

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