Sunday, December 18, 2011

Give a Nourishing Gift

Without a doubt, giving presents that cannot be eaten are very nice to give. They are also nice to receive I must add. We're talking things here like a new jacket, a pair of gloves, a tablet, candles, etc. However, this year, I personally am not asking for anything. I realize I have everything I need, although not everything I want.

For a change, I'll be giving my close friends, in my women's Bible study group, a gift that nourishes for Christmas. Hopefully they won't read this post before Tuesday. (Jackie might...and if you do Jackie, you've already had some! I'll have to make a completely different set of cookies for you...strawberry cookies.:-D  Jackie, is allergic to strawberries. j/k!) I've chosen to give them something home-made made with love from my kitchen. I have made for them persimmon cookies, which I posted about last week. I still have a lot of persimmons left from my tree, so why not turn them into cookies for my friends! 

Now when I make or bake food for family and friends, I do my best to make sure that it tastes good as well as nourishes the physical body. My persimmon cookie recipe gives beta carotene and fiber with less added sugar and minimal saturated fat...and yet, the sweet flavor comes in at just the right intensity without being overbearing. However, as I've made the cookies, one of the other ingredients that I always add to everything I cook and bake is a generous serving of love. That's the special ingredient. Before I started putting all of the ingredients together, I also asked God to pour His blessings on the cookies, so that my friends will enjoy them. As I will be wrapping each set of cookies, I will be lifting up the gals one by one in prayer and asking God to bless them. A card will be attached with each gift with the prayer written out that I prayed specifically for them.

This gift will not only be a gift to nourish their bodies, but it will be a gift to nourish their souls as well. Gifts do not have to be pricey, especially with the economical struggles we all are experiencing. I will be packaging them in these wonderful tin boxes, ribbons, and tissue paper that I bought at the Dollar Tree store...everything for only a dollar each!

Be creative in the presents you give this year. It's an absolutely rewarding experience, especially when God is right at the center of the gift giving experience.

What home-made gifts are you giving this year or have given in the past?

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