Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Indoor Track

As much as possible, I like to do both of my short and long runs outdoors. However, during the winter season when it is colder, sometimes it rains, and the sun sets very early, running outdoors is not an option for me for my short runs. Therefore, I always set out to find a way to keep things going. Not exercising is never an option for me. Thank God for gyms that can keep you on track.

I'm thankful that Drayson Center has a really nice indoor track!
When your two options in the gym are the treadmill and an indoor track for running, I go for the indoor track.You may immediately think that running around in circles is B-O-R-I-N-G! That's exactly what I use to think. However, I have changed that point of view. For one, the whole situation is mind over matter...just think positively! The second thing to do to keep running in an indoor track much more do-able, is to do interval training runs. I have learned to enjoy running indoors, because of this type of run. Going back and forth from a higher intensity run to a lower intensity run and back and forth makes the run interesting and challenging. If you run around the track at a constant comfortable pace, then will be boring with a capital B.

I'm not against treadmills, so I have to mention it here briefly. If I have to do another short run indoors due to time or weather conditions, I opt to do my second short run of the week on the treadmill. This is where I do a tempo run of a nice slow start at the beginning, sustaining a faster pace for 15 to 20 minutes, and ending with a slower pace. Doing one of my runs of the week on the treadmill provides variety for me at least. I'm one of those that always needs variety of where I run during the week. This keeps me going and keeps the runs fresh for me. Running at the same place all the time would provide burnout for my brain. 

If you have access to an indoor track, give it a try sometime. It's not really as boring as you think it is, but it is what you make of it. The track can be fun!

How do you keep motivated to exercise during the cold winter season?

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