Wednesday, October 19, 2011

PRODUCT REVIEW: Another Sandwich Spread Option

Mayonnaise has always been an American favorite on sandwiches.  This is a condiment that is not on the skinny side, but is full of fat.  However, when mayonnaise is spread on a sandwich as a very thin layer, then this situation is fine contributing minimal calories and fat giving flavor and moisture to the sandwich.

Another tasty option to try is Vegenaise (Soy-free version).  It is made of pea protein with no dairy or egg products.  Vegenaise looks and spreads like mayonnaise, but does not melt like mayonnaise.  The flavor is delicious and similar to mayonnaise, but not exactly the same.  As far as calories is concerned though, it has almost twice as many calories compared to mayonnaise per tablespoon.  Fat content and saturated fat content is not  drastically different.  The same goes for sodium content.  Sodium content is comparable.  Regardless whether it is Vegenaise or mayonnaise, the sodium content is low per serving.

Therefore, if you just want to try a different spread for a post-long run sandwich, I suggest giving Vegenaise a chance.

If you have tried any Vegenaise products, what are your thoughts?

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