Monday, October 31, 2011

SPOTLIGHT ON: Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins by Janel

One of my dietitian colleagues, who resides all the way on the east coast, produced a quick, easy, and delicious recipe for pumpkin chocolate chip muffins.  I made them yesterday and loved the taste...and especially loved how easy it was to make them. What caught my attention in Janel's blog was that she mentioned it was vegan.  I am not vegan, but I'm always open to trying new things that are good for you and taste good all at the same time. Janel's recipe won't disappoint you. 

I'm embarrassed, because my picture does not do justice to Janel's recipe.  Pictures on her blog look much better.  I'm sure this is because she used a mixer that it gave the muffins a smoother, fluffier look versus me just hand-mixing mine, but the taste is still delicious!  For Janel's recipe, CLICK HERE .

Janel Ovrut Funk works in corporate wellness, is an adjunct professor for Boston Conservatory, and has been quoted in media including Shape, Prevention, Today's Dietitian, Chicago Tribune, and FITNESS Magazine. Please visit Janel's blog at as well as her website at


Janel said...

Your picture looks great!!! Yes when I use my stand mixer, they're much smoother than when I hand mix them, but looks don't matter when they taste that good ;)

JeJe Noval, R.D. said...

Thank you, Janel.:) I agree that looks doesn't matter when it tastes good, but I think you've convinced me to invest in a stand mixer as well!:)

rebecca said...

i am not trying to be picky..however i looked up this recipe and it isnt healthy..
when i make muffins or banana bread et..i use only half the sugar.(this recipe has far too much)
we ignore to much the serious negative effects of sugar on the body and immune system.
(i for one am affected by sugar (causes inflammation)
i made my husband banana bread the other day..and i did add dark chocolate chips..however i only used half the sugar which was more like a third of fourth of a cup...i used 2 tbs ground flax seeds instead of eggs..and also added plain applesauce. i used oil also ...(my picky sugar loving husband who is used to eating all kinds of unhealthy "treats" before he met me...absolutely loved this banana bread as well as his coworker who tried it. of course i used bananas and (the other ingredients)..however recipes can be more healthy and still taste good. (it seems your website would focus a little more on low sugar more healthy recipes) seeming this is loma linda..i would like to try these muffins and adapt with half the sugar i bet it would taste fine.
I've made oatmeal cookies with just bananas and a few dark choc chips and no sugar added and they taste sweet to me. i think our society consumes far too much reined foods..and sugar..and have become accustomed to the taste when in reality we could learn to enjoy lower sugar foods..and only once in a while..and be far healthier..

JeJe Noval, R.D. said...

I agree that society in general consumes excessive amounts of refined foods. However, I did not make a claim in my post that my colleague's recipe is "healthy". I featured it, because it is vegan and rich in beta carotene and anti-oxidants. Next, when I counsel clients, I empower them to make a lifestyle change by consuming less sweets (no matter if it is the original recipe or modified) and in smaller portions. My philosophy is not all dessert recipes have to be low in sugar. That is your philosophy that you can share on your blog. Just because a food item might be high in saturated fat, sodium, or sugar, my philosophy is not to completely avoid, but to consume those particular items once in a while in mindful moderation. Part of the joy of life is eating those foods, but we have to be mindful. Otherwise, if one is to always alter every single item they eat to low this and that, this can be a sign of orthorexia. While many of my patients and clients cannot always cook and bake everything for themselves unlike you, they have to be given reasonable guidelines that can still help them live a healthy life. Thank you for taking the time to visit.

Best regards,
JeJe Noval, Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist