Monday, October 17, 2011

Cycling Helps Running

Zanja Trail

My friend, Naara, and I have always loved mountain biking.  However, we placed mountain biking in the back burner when we started running more and then when we trained for our first full marathon.  The smartest thing we should have done was to keep sticking in the mountain biking rides in between our short and long runs.

After our full marathon this past June, we resumed our mountain and road biking, but of course, still running.  It is so true what they say about cross training.  Cross training does enable strengthening other muscles that do not get used as much when you're focusing on just one sport.  I feel that I'm a better runner now with stronger muscles, because we have been consistent with the mountain biking.   

Although we'll be resuming getting ready for our upcoming half and full marathons next year, we will for sure keep the mountain biking in as part of our training regimen!


What does your cross training regimen consist of?

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