Monday, October 24, 2011

MY FAVORITE THINGS: PowerBar Energy Blasts

For those runs that last more than an hour, replacing sodium and potassium, lost through sweating, will help anyone feel better and last longer.  (This of course is in addition to replenishing with water and carbohydrates during a run.) Many of us then oblige to this replacement requirement with the newest "sports products" out there. 

I used to take sport gels with me on my runs, but found out really soon what a sticky mess I am always left in.  Some people don't mind the stickiness of gels.  I could live with it if that's all I had. Then there are also sports jelly beans.  They're alright. Definitely not sticky. However, what I learned to love, love, love on my long runs are one of two chews.  In this post, I will talk about the first chew that I encountered first. 

I really like the taste of PowerBar Energy Blasts.  Not sticky at all even though the center is filled with gel. One pouch contains nine chews, which provides about 45 gms of carbohydrate.  Experts recommend that endurance aerobic activities lasting for more than an hour should entail consuming 30 to 60 gms of carbohydrate per hour, so having one pouch will provide that need.  In addition, the chews provide reasonable amounts sodium and potassium.  However, they may feel a little bulky at first in your running pack, but then of course, it whittles down. They come with caffeine or no caffeine. I always choose the no caffeine choice, because caffeine makes my heart beat faster. This is definitely a feeling I don't need on a run!  The flavor that doesn't have caffeine is raspberry, and it is delicious.  This is one of my favorite things that has made my long runs much more enjoyable!


What sports gel, jelly bean, or chews do you prefer to use on your long runs and why?                        

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