Saturday, August 3, 2013

My Health Scare

To be honest, I've had a few major personal problems that has actually made it difficult to keep up with my blog. I'm hoping to resume consistency. One of the major difficulties I've experienced recently was a heath scare.

Towards the end of the school year, I had completed my annual mammogram. The results in the mail said there was an area of concern and that an ultrasound had to be done. I've been told the results usually end up begin benign and that the MDs just want to make sure. Because of my teaching schedule, I had to postpone the ultrasound and it got postponed even more due to a back-logged schedule of others having ultrasounds completed. 

During this "unknown" period of some kind of unrest, I still had to finish up the school year and run my 3rd full marathon. Finally the ultrasound appointment came. I got scared when for the first time in having an ultrasound completed that an MD came walking right in. That wasn't a good sign. The radiologist said that they are still unclear of that certain area and that a biopsy was the next step. I was beginning to be more alarmed, disappointed, fearful, and sad. Two aunts on my mom's side had breast cancer as well as one aunt on my dad's side. The stakes are high for me. 

There was some more waiting that took place with my MD taking an eternity to write the order for my biopsy. I must admit, I gave in to milkshakes at this drug of choice for "comfort". The order for the biopsy finally came and then came the biopsy appointment.

Before the biopsy, I was told that they wanted to take another ultrasound to see if they still needed to do the biopsy. I was hopeful I didn't need one since family and friends were praying for my health. Low and behold, they came back saying I still needed the biopsy. After the biopsy...there was still MORE waiting time. Now I was really crying for being so anxious being in the waiting game.

During this waiting period, I prayed a different type of prayer. I did ask God for no breast cancer; however, if it is breast cancer, I asked Him to help me get through the journey that would lay ahead of me. I never prayed this type of prayer before. I would pray it "my way", but "His will be done". This time, I sincerely prayed His will be done, because I knew God would help me get through the difficult journey. I did come to being at peace waiting for the results.

Finally, after calling and calling and calling my MD's office, I received the news...the news that the results were negative! Oh, I have been thanking God big time!!  At least for now, I don't have breast cancer and pray I never will.  However, what I learned from this journey was truly to "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.  In all your ways, acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight". Proverbs 3:5 and 6.

Going through this scare, incapacitated me so much that I was so numb. I was not able to work on my dissertation or own my blog.  I have learned to keep leaning on God even more. Many thanks go to my parents, relatives, and friends who kept praying and supporting me. I've also learned to be more grateful for my MDs who didn't want to take any chances by going ahead and taking all the proper tests needed.

Thankful to God and thankful for my sunflowers in my garden.
For future difficulties that will come up, lean on God to help get you through each day. It is the only way to go.

What experiences of waiting have you had lately?


Michaela said...

Praise the Lord JeJe! I'm so sorry to hear about what you've been going through but so grateful that you are well

JeJe Noval, R.D. said...

Thank you, my friend!:)