Friday, November 25, 2011

MY FAVORITE THINGS: "Chicken Soup for the Soul Runners"

For my birthday this year, my dear friend, Jackie Neff, gave me the book "Chicken Soup for the Soul Runners" by Dean Karnazes, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hanser, Amy Newmark, and many other contributers. I have always loved any book of the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" series; however, I especially LOVE this one! I don't want to finish it so soon. I want to draw it out and soak in every single story. True to its reputation, "Chicken Soup for the Soul Runners" its absolutely to the tee inspirational and encouraging to the max, while at the same time delivering warmth and fuzzy feelings to the heart. With my attempts to make this book last long, it is definitely hard to put this book down. If only someone would let me know that there is a volume two, three, or even four coming on the way, then I'll be able to read it a little faster.

I don't want to ruin it for anyone, just in case you want to read it, but I do have to tell you about one lady that one contributor shared about in the book. This lady is 81 years old and had won a full marathon in her age division in 2007. She wanted to complete another marathon with a finishing goal of sub six hours. The writer of the story mentioned that this time around, she incorporated speedwork, hill repeats, running on stadium steps, and running 50 miles each week along with having Jeff Galloway as her coach.The actual story is heart warming that you have to read it yourself to know what happened during this particular marathon. The story's end shocked me. It shouldn't have, because she was doing all that extra work, but I guess it's because of her age that it did. She shaved off 50 minutes from her previous marathon win a few short years ago! diggity dog! I am not one who is particular about her finish time, but hey, if an 81 year old women can improve her time, then this person who is half her age certainly can for her next full marathon! Funny how the elderly people have been my inspiration when it comes to running.:) I am now so determined to improve my time, but even though I don't end up improving my time, I will still be happy to just finish.

Anyway, if you haven't read this book and want some incredible inspiration or if you just want to know how lazy you are, get this book immediately...and be inspired!

What other books have given you running inspiration?

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