Sunday, November 13, 2011

Thanksgiving Meal Tip

If you will be in charge of preparing the Thanksgiving meal this year, that time of the year can be very stressful.  As much as it would be wonderful to prepare everything from scratch for your Thanksgiving dinner, the reality is that you will be better off purchasing some items already made.

As often as possible, I like to serve bread that are whole grain at most meals I prepare for family or friends. When purchasing pre-made bread, it is a must for me to see that the ingredient contains 100% whole wheat flour as its first ingredient. This type of bread is most desirable for eating right. Other breads that say it is a wheat bread may not truly be a whole grain bread. The bakers might have used wheat flour that was partially processed and stripped of its fiber, vitamins, and minerals content. Purchase bread that lists 100% whole wheat flour as its first ingredient to make sure that you will receive fiber, vitamins, and minerals that come along with this particular grain. In fact, the new "MyPlate" logo encourages individuals to make about 1/4 of your plate grains. I would like to add, it should really say whole grains.

What I am suggesting for your Thanksgiving meal is to buy some pre-made dinner rolls that are delicious and healthy for all who will be coming to your celebration.  It's not easy to find whole wheat rolls in stores.  Some grocery stores have them and some don't.  Surprisingly enough, Target sells wheat dinner rolls by Market Pantry.  The first ingredient is whole wheat flour, the taste is delicious, and the sodium content is reasonable.  It does have another flour in it, wheat flour, but at least its first ingredient is whole wheat flour.  Usually, other breads tend to be higher in sodium.

Don't let preparing your Thanksgiving meal be stressful. Let some items go that are not home-made and enjoy the blessings that God has given to your family and friends. 

Does your family have any special Thanksgiving traditions that you do when all of you get together?

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