Saturday, November 5, 2011

PRODUCT REVIEW: Galaxy Nutritional Foods Pepperjack Cheese

I'm definitely not one who goes non-fat/low-fat crazy.  That over-the-top way of living can lead to deficiencies in fat soluble vitamins and also dry skin. When it comes to eating and taking care of yourself...moderation should be your word. What I am conscious about is saturated fat intake. I know that it cannot be completely avoided, so I do the best I can to cut some corners here and there without sacrificing taste and enjoyment.

Because I love cheese and do not deprive myself of it, I do my best to eat as nutritiously as I can when I am at home.  This leaves me to enjoy real cheese whenever going out to eat once in while and at others' homes. Galaxy Nutritional Foods has a rice cheese that tastes delicious and melts beautifully. I particularly buy the pepperjack slice option, so I'm not sure how the others taste and melt. The source of this "cheese" is rice and not dairy...and also not soy.  However, for those who are vegan and concerned about whey and casein content, the version that I like does have whey and casein. Galaxy Nutritional Foods now has an additional rice cheese line made with no whey and casein.  I have not tried this version, so I cannot comment yet on that.

Just keep in mind though, when something has to give, something else has to be increased. So, although the saturated fat content is nice and non-existent compared to regular cheese, sodium content is about 100 mg higher.

I also use the cheddar flavor shredded version. This does taste wonderful and melts well too. Overall, their products are definitely worth looking into, especially if you're doing your best to decrease that saturated fat intake to make your arteries and heart happy.  I highly recommend trying Galaxy Nutritional Food products!


If you have tried any Galaxy Nutritional Food products, which ones have you tried and what are your thoughts?

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