Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Nutrition & Dietetic Students Being Filmed

I feel absolutely blessed to be working for one of the most wonderful universities there is, which is Loma Linda University. I am one of the assistant professors on the faculty of the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, School of Allied Health Professions. The opportunity of working with and educating the future registered dietitians is what I love about my job. Our students are absolutely outstanding, amazing, hard working, and have great compassion for their patients.

For our capstone course for the M.S. students, we incorporated the opportunity for them to practice being media dietitians. For one of their projects, we had Stew Harty, media pastor of Loma Linda University Church (LLUC), work with our students in filming them and giving them media lectures. Before coming to LLUC, Mr. Harty was involved in the filming industry in Hollywood.  Needless to say, Loma Linda is very blessed to have Mr. Harty on board. Our students did a great job in their media video project. My apologies to all my awesome students that I don't have pictures of all of them due to my battery running out on the day of filming. However, I'm able to put a few here. 

The location of filming was in the newly renovated kitchen in our department where students learn the art of cooking.

Student Zsaleh presented a wonderful demo on cooking garlicky pasta.

Student Devon made a nice presentation on how to make "Berried Treasures", a beautiful fruit parfait breakfast for kids.

Student Jackie presented on the proper ways of motivating children to eat well.

Student Melani presented on the importance of meal planning and emphasized that it's not a hard thing to do.

Student Jigna actually had me be her "host" and she made an important presentation on foods those with diabetes can enjoy.

Our programs at Loma Linda University include a B. S. in Nutrition and Dietetics, M. S. in Nutrition and Dietetics, and an M.P.H. in nutrition. If you are interested in becoming a registered dietitian, you can find more information at Come join us! We would love to have you.

We all had such a fun and great day filming. It was definitely memorable for all of us!


Dr. Ernie "PA Evangelist" Medina, Jr. said...

Love the media training! Excellent addition to the curriculum. Maybe our next RD we hire at BMG will be able to help me with some of our video projects. ;-) Right now, all our RDs (most are from there) are NOT comfortable in front (or behind) the camera! LOL!

Regan @ The Professional Palate said...

My career path was 100% influenced by the fact that I got to intern with an RD who did a regular media spot. This is wonderful exposure for student who may otherwise not realize all the possibilities!

JeJe Noval, R.D. said...

Hello Sir Dr. Ernie, Thank you! Maybe our students can do some volunteer hours on some of your video projects.;)

Hello Regan, Thank you! Oh wow, you were really blessed to have that opportunity. Wish I did! My boss, who is our chairman, decided to add this experience this school year, I'm really happy he implemented it. But hmmm...your experience is giving me ideas...:)