Wednesday, November 9, 2011


In my previous "My Favorite Things" post, I blogged about PowerBar Energy Blasts. Well, this is the wonderful counterpart, or the competition, called Chomps by Gu. I believe in variety, so that my taste buds don't get burnt out on my long runs. My key to avoid taste burn out is to alternate, from run to run, the Energy Blasts and Chomps. Eight Chomps provides about 46 gms of carbohydrate with decent amounts of sodium and potassium. This is comparable to the 9 Energy Blasts, which provides about 45 gms of carbohydrate and comparable amounts of sodium and potassium. So, they are both good products without the gooey, stickiness of gels.  

My favorite flavor for the Chomps is orange.  Sucking on these Chomps actually adds a nice pleasant feel to my run.  The other flavors that do not have caffeine are watermelon, which is a little more tart, and then there is blueberry pomegranate. I always make sure I get the non-caffeine versions, because caffeine makes my heart beat uncomfortably faster making my runs absolutely not enjoyable.

When I think about how God designed our bodies, I'm so glad He placed in each of us a sweating system to help cool us off. However, this cooling off system does include our sodium and potassium levels to decrease. I think it's great that God took care of this situation by giving man the wisdom to create things like Chomps and Energy Blasts, so that we can replace what we lose.

As I always love to say, nutrition can make you or break you.  I's not a complete sentence, but basically what I mean by that is that the right nutrition can make you feel really good or the wrong nutrition or lack of nutrition can break you down really badly. Being mindful of replacing my fluids, carbohydrates, sodium, and potassium has been an important factor in helping me enjoy running to the max!  If you haven't tried Chomps for your long runs, I highly suggest getting some before your next long run. Enjoy!

What "treats" do you take along on your longs runs?

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