Friday, November 25, 2011

Pumpkin Scone Recipe by Maya E. Nahra

I love the philosophy of food, cooking, and life by Maya E. Nahra, who is a registered dietitian and chef. Learn more about her, her recipes, and her point of view on cooking at her website found at

A few days ago, I embarked on making Maya's pumpkin scone recipe. I actually had fun making the scones and was very delighted with the outcome! The scones were delicious. The sweetness was just right without being overly sweet. You can find her pumpkin scone recipe by clicking HERE. Enjoy!

P.S. Maya, I ran out of all purpose flour, so I went ahead and used what I had at home...whole wheat flour...and it still worked great! That's why my scones may look different and besides, I'm not the pro scone maker like you.:)

Have you made any scones lately at home? If so, please feel free to share your favorite scone recipe here.

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